On the principles of medical ethics, red lines in an ethical pandemic response, and the difficulty of having a healthy debate about responsible public health
The fine arts as the last bastion of COVID hocus-pocus, while science confirms again that masks don't work
If the video on Pfizer's capture of regulatory agencies and plans for directed evolution reveals one thing, it's the media fact-checkers' ability to…
For example, confront the rise of authoritarianism during the COVID-19 pandemic instead of suppressing heterodox views!
And how well did it protect civil rights during the COVID-19 pandemic? A conversation with ChatGPT.
CDC/FDA publish, analyze, and dispel safety signal with bivalent booster within 24 hours; hundreds of earlier signals ignored; Australian data show…
Summary of our book chapter published in "The COVID-19 Pandemic" by Ethics Press and a few current examples of state propaganda and media terror
Post-marketing insights from the Australian freedom-of-information disclosure log regarding adverse event numbers by country and by system organ class
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